Child Labor and Environmental Health: Government Obligations
and Human Rights, ‘J. Amon, J. Buchanan, J. Cohen, and J. Kippenberg, 2012 PDF

Tobacco control, global health policy and development:
towards policy coherence in global governance; Jeff Collins, 2012, PDF

Human rights and the framework convention on Tobacco Control: Mutually Reinforcing Systems; Oscar A. Cabrera & Lawrence O. Gostin 2011 PDF

Public Health Benefits of Recent Litigation Against The Tobacco Industry

J. Vernick, JD, MPH, L. Rutkow, JD, MPH, S. Teret, JD, MPH, 2011 PDF

Litigation as a strategy to hold governments accountable
for implementing the right to health, Siri Gloppen, 2008 PDF

Toward a Critical Anthropology of Human Rights, Mark Goodale, 2006 PDF

The Emerging Human Rights to Tobacco Control,
Carolyn Dressler & Stephen Marks, 2006, PDF

World Poverty and Human Rights, Thomas Pogge, 2005 PDF

Elements of a Human Rights, Amartya Sen, 2004 PDF

What We Talk About When We Talk About Indicators:
Current Approaches to Human Rights Measurement, Maria Green, 2001 PDF

Hard and Soft Commitments to Human Rights Treaties,
1966–2000, Wade M. Cole,  Human Rights Treaties

Talking Human Rights in the United States A Communications Toolkit PDF
The opportunity toolkit

Tobacco industry issues management organizations: Creating a
global corporate network to undermine public health
Patricia A McDaniel, Gina Intinarelli and Ruth E Malone PDF



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