The Human Rights and Tobacco Control Network

Carolyn Dresler, President:

Harry Lando, Director:

Marty Otañez, Treasurer:

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  1. To Whom it May Concern:

    My name is Swetha Nayak and I am the Program Manager for the East African Smoke-Free Program here at WellShare International. The aim of our program is to reduce the harms caused by tobacco and secondhand smoke among Somali and East-African populations in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Metro area. I recently sat down with Harry Lando to discuss tobacco control issues, specifically among the Somali population, and to also talk about the human rights aspect of tobacco. I always deeply appreciate any work that is done to tie public health and human rights together, especially since the two are rarely, if ever, combined. As human rights is an interest of mine, he recommended that I contact you to be a part of HRTCN. I am wondering what the process is and how I could be an active member?

    Thank you for your good work,
    Swetha Nayak, MPH

  2. Thanks for your support Swetha, we appreciate it. However you i would recommend you contact Marty otanez, his email is in the contact info. Please visit us soon for further information.

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